Elevating Every Student's Journey

Elementary School: ($20/hour for online group sessions)

  • Tailored after-school homework assistance.
  • Deep dives into subject concepts.
  • Expertise in project support.

Middle School: ($25/hour for online group sessions)

  • Comprehensive homework support across all subjects.
  • Advanced challenges for accelerated learners.
  • Preparation for Math, Science Olympiad, and Computer Science competitions.

High School: ($30/hour for online group sessions)

  • Coaching for AP, Honors, and standard courses: Physics, Chemistry, Calculus, Biology, Computer Science, Music Theory, and many others.
  • Expert college essay editing & application guidance.
  • Advanced training in Computer Science & Programming.

College: (Price varies based on the requirements)

  • Research paper review and editing.
  • Research questionnaire design.
  • Data analysis using tools like SPSS, Python, etc.

After-School and Weekend Schedule: We offer flexible study hours after school and on weekends to help students supplement their schoolwork.

Key Features:

  • Elite Mentorship: Handpicked top-tier students from globally renowned universities guide our sessions.
  • Year-Round Learning: Custom courses available all year, meticulously tailored to individual student progress.
  • Accelerated Excellence: Dedicated support and enriched tasks designed especially for our high-achieving scholars.
  • Advanced Study Guide: Practice problems are provided to advanced students, with monitoring and adjustments made to optimize learning speed.
  • Fluid Scheduling: Beyond academics, we instill life skills, critical thinking, and real-world applications into our curriculum.
  • Interactive Platforms: Utilizing cutting-edge educational tools and software to enhance the virtual learning experience.

Ready to start your journey with us? Email us at info@crunchtutor.com.